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Live Event: Cashflow 101


How to Build Your FICO and Use it for Real Estate Profits

Cash Management Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Partnering for Profit

Secrets of Self-Storage Investing

Chasing Infinite Returns Using Real Estate Investor Financing

Introduction to Investing in NNN Leased Commercial Property

Cashflow Investing for Prosperity and Happiness

Are Passive Investments in Real Estate Right for You?

Investing for Prosperity and Happiness

Cashflow Strategies for Recessionary and Inflationary Times

Falling In Love with Real Estate Bookkeeping

Real Estate Math

Video Lesson 1: Calculating Return on Investment

Video Lesson 2: How and When to Use ROI

Video Lesson 3: Calculating GSI, AGI, and NOI

Video Lesson 4: Calculating Operating Expenses

Video Lesson 5: Calculating Capitalization Rate

Video Lesson 6: Calculating Interest Rate

Investing with Your IRA

A Real Estate Investor’s Comparison of IRA, ROTH IRA, and 401(k)

Tax Planning Strategies for Cashflow Real Estate Investors

Using a Self Directed IRA to Create Hassle-free Cashflow

Investing Your Self-Directed IRA When Your Income is High But Your Balance is Low

The Ultimate Tax Smackdown Event: Solo(K) versus IRA

Taxmaggedon: Tax Strategies to Protect Yourself from Tomorrow’s Taxes

Creating Powerful IRAs for Business Owners & Real Estate Investors

Learn About Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex

Texas Cashflow Real Estate Investing


Hassle-Free Cashflow Investing

Hassle-Free Cashflow Lending

How to Avoid UDFI Taxes When Investing in Real Estate with Your Retirement Funds

Eight Best Kept Secrets on Investing with Your IRA

A Guide to 1031 Exchanges

Top 20 Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Recordkeeping: Keep the Receipt or Lose the Deduction

Managing Your Properties with QuickBooks

Powerful Cash Management Strategies

17 Steps to a Successful Joint Venture

Get a Fast Fifteen Points on Your Credit Score



Real Estate Guy’s Radio

Fast Track to Full Time Income – Starting Part Time

Keys to Finding Low Maintenance Cashflow Properties

Market Spotlight: Creating Cashflow in Dallas, TX

Shifting Gears – True Confessions of a Reborn Real Estate Investor

Making Mentoring Work in the Real World – Myths and Facts about Modeling Success

2009 Investor Summit at Sea

2011 Investor Summit at Sea

Value Hound Academy: David Campbell named Value Hound of the Month

Jason Hartman: Creating Wealth – featuring David Campbell


David Campbell

Cox Premier – Property Management

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Amanda Han – Keystone CPA

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Exeter 1031 Exchange Services

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