positive cashflow rental property in Dallas Texas

Positive Cashflow Rental Property in Dallas Texas
Brand New, Turnkey Management, and Hassle-Free

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This positive cashflow rental property is in close proximity to jobs and exceptional schools in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Brand new four bedroom homes start at $140,000 and rent for $1350/month. As a result of a strong economy and job growth, Dallas and Fort Worth are among  the fastest growing cities in America.  The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University predicts the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Metro may experience a housing shortage.  Prices in DFW remained relatively stable during the national housing crisis while rents increased. In times of economic uncertainty, Texas is an excellent place to find a safe harbor for your investment dollars.

Each brand-new, single-family, positive cashflow rental property comes with a 10 year builder warranty and turnkey property management to create a truly “hassle-free” cashflow investment. CLICK HERE to view our current inventory.

Good real estate deals go fast and great deals like this one go even faster. If you are interested in acquiring more positive cashflow rental property, I strongly encourage you to contact real estate investing strategist David Campbell at your earliest convenience. David can be reached at (866) 931-9149 Ext. 1 or David@hasslefreecashflowinvesting.com or  you can CLICK HERE to schedule a phone appointment.

Would you like the benefits of cashflow from real estate with the hassle of tenants?  Check out our inventory of 1st lien real estate mortgage notes for sale.   You can be the bank.

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