Nuts and Bolts of Being a Private Lender

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You probably know you can earn interest of 10% or more per year as a private lender… and it’s all cashflow!  Private lenders enjoy the security of real estate without the hassle of tenants.  Many times a private lender will make more cashflow from a property than the owner, and with less risk and less time invested into the property.  Being a private lender is an awesome way to super charge your passive income, but do you know the nuts and bolts of putting together and closing a privately financed mortgage as an investor?

Whether you are borrowing private money or lending private money, there are some practical things you need to do to improve your chances of hassle-free success.   In this 60 minute free webinar with professional investor and broker David Campbell  and veteran hard money lender Ken Gain MAI, SRS, CCIM, CRE (who has practiced real estate continuously since 1962), you will learn:

1) Why you shouldn’t make a loan on an owner occupied property (without the help of a professional).
2) How to determine the most you should lend on a property.
3) When you need to have a lender license.
4) How to coordinate a title company, escrow, and an attorney to originate your loans.
5) Why every lender need a mortgagee’s title policy and how to get one.
6) The nuts and bolts behind getting insurance coverage from your borrower.
7) How to underwrite loans to improve your chances for success.

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