REAL ESTATE GUYS RADIO: Making Mentoring Work in the Real World – Myths and Facts about Modeling Success

Real Estate Guys Radio Featuring Special Guest

Professional Investor – David Campbell


Making Mentoring Work in the Real World 

Myths and Facts about Modeling Success


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Real estate investing is art, science, vocation and lifestyle all wrapped up in one.  It has its own language, community and culture.  Who you surround yourself with will determine the attitudes, habits, beliefs and skills you will develop.

With so much money to be made, many aspiring investors are willing to pay large sums to have someone teach them how to succeed.  Attracted by a marketplace full of bargains, many people are getting into the game and they’re looking for help.  So we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the topic of real estate investor mentoring.

Sitting on the Real Estate Guys Radio studio mountaintop dispensing sage real estate wisdom:

  • Your host and guru, Robert Helms
  • Co-host and associate guru, Russell Gray
  • Special guest, former school teacher turned full time real estate investor, David Campbell

Professional Investor David CampbellProfessional Investor – David Campbell

Listen in on the conversation with David Campbell and the Real Estate Guys Radio as we explore the shortcuts to success that are available by learning from the knowledge, experience and wisdom of others!

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