Brand New House with Positive Cashflow

You could own a brand new house with

Hassle-Free Cashflow.

new house with guaranteed cashflow

If you are sitting on millions of dollars in cash, we should talk about helping you get some Hassle-Free Cashflow from commercial property. However, if you are in the process of building your net worth, your primary asset probably is not cash – it’s your job and good credit score.  Put your job and credit together and you have the ability to get cheap financing to buy real estate.

Financial Freedom Phase 1: Acquire a net worth at least 100 times your desired monthly passive income.

Financial Freedom Step Phase 2: Invest your net worth for spendable cashflow.

While you are in phase 1 of building your net worth, highly leveraged but positive cashflow investment houses could be the answer for you. 

A new construction house like the one in this picture could put money in your pocket every month, but the real wealth is created by building equity through loan amortization and price inflation.  Remember, inflation is when prices go up because of a devaluation of currency.  Appreciation is when people will trade you things of greater value than what you purchased the property for. Hassle-free Cashflow Investors are mostly seeking inflation because it is a more predictable and probable outcome than speculating on value appreciation.   You can often force appreciation into a property through development, conversion, subdivision, etc., but those strategies require time and skill and don’t fall into the basket of “Hassle-free”.

If you’re looking for investments you can spend a lot of time working on, this probably isn’t the right place for you.   Hassle-free Cashflow Investing is for investors who have a life (or want one) other than real estate investing.  If you like things to be simple so you can generate profits while focusing on your family, friends, fun, fitness, philanthropy, or faith, Hassle-free Cashflow properties are probably the thing for you.

Purchasing ordinary real estate with extraordinary terms is the simplest, safest, most Hassle-Free road to wealth there is.

It is natural to be skeptical when someone makes the claim that you can make money in real estate without putting in a lot of time and without starting with a lot of money (you’ll need at least $30k or know someone who does).   You have nothing to lose by learning more and everything to gain if we can show you creative real estate investing techniques you haven’t seen anywhere else.

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7 thoughts on “Brand New House with Positive Cashflow”

  1. Hello

    Can I get some information on your group investment opportunities and other investment opportunities?

  2. Hi David is was good talking to you today can you please send me
    info on how this 100% works.

  3. Hello,

    My name is Matt Willcoxon. I am a military contractor, and I spend a good portion of every year overseas in war-zones. I would like to invest in real estate and gain enough financial freedom to not have to do this anymore, as it takes me away from my family.

    Having said that, I am in need of a company that can work with me to find good investments with cash flow enough to pay for themselves or very close, that will build equity for further investments. My short term goal is to have 5 properties with-in 3 years. A longer term goal is more then 10 properties in 5 years. With this in mind, I would like to start an actual cash flow that allows me to take on real estate full-time within that same time period, so I need to start out right.

    I think the most important thing is for me to find out more about your company and if you can help me. How long you have been in business? What type of property management do you use? How many of your first time investors have bought multiple properties with you? How is the vacancy rate for the property management company and how are its reviews? Does your company deal with commercial/residential properties that are realistic for the average buyer?

    I have done a lot of research but that can only take me so far. I need more information and help from people that have hands-on life experience. People that can help me take the right precautions and know the risks, so that the resulting investment has the best chance of success.

    I appreciate your time and experience,
    Matt Willcoxon

  4. I would also like the same type of info requested by Matt.

    Long time researcher, now ready to start pulling the trigger, with the right team that is.

    Great website!! Look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Dear David

    May I get some information on the turnkey investment in Texas? What about the influence of the weather on the house (typhoon, heavy raining, etc) will lead to higher mainteance cost?


    1. MC,

      Those are great questions. I will be sure to e-mail you with some additional information regarding our properties in Texas. Yes, the weather in Texas does result in higher maintenance costs than more mild climates. Fortunately, Dallas doesn’t get hurricanes or earthquakes, and snow is rare. The extreme Texas weather usually shows up in shorter life spans of AC units, fences, painting, and roofs. You can mitigate many of these higher maintenance costs by buying a new home with a 10 year builder warranty that is built to withstand the different weather conditions that Texas faces (e.g. brick & cement board exteriors endure sun and heat, newer energy efficient homes help your AC units last longer). The construction of the homes we build uses very durable materials and building techniques that anticipate extreme weather and the strain that tenants can put on a home. Additionally, if there is damage to your home from sever weather, insurance should cover those costs. The cost of insurance can be higher in Texas, but so are the rents. We build higher insurance and future maintenance costs into our cashflow forecast.

      Gary Aulakh

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