Finding The Needle:
Proven Success Strategies To Find
The Best Real Estate Deals in Today’s Market
 hosted by “The Real Estate Investor’s Lawyer”™ Jeff Lerman
featuring David Campbell
From Music  to Millions
What’s He Doing That You’re Not?

DATE:  January 23, 2014
TIME:   Noon-1:00 p.m.
LOCATION:  Your computer!
COST: $47

It’s time for the third installment in our unique teleseminar / webinar series “Finding The Needle: Proven Success Strategies To Find The Best Real Estate Deals in Today’s Market” with real estate attorney Jeff Lerman and professional investor David Campbell.  Here is a reminder of what this series is about.  If you prefer to skip this introduction, you may scroll down to read about just some of the key success strategies you’ll learn during this interview.
What this unique series is about…

Jeffrey H. Lerman, Esq.As “The Real Estate Investor’s Lawyer”™ and an investor, Jeff Lerman ( has had the unique opportunity to get to know countless investors and understand their successes and failures on a very deep level.  While real estate investing is an incredibly varied business, there is one single truth that leaps out over and over again as the key to success for every investor:  the ability to find deals that make economic sense.  Indeed, many investors complain that their biggest frustration is their inability to find deals that make sense.

No matter what your experience level, no matter what kind of real estate you’re looking for, if you can master this skill, your ability to make a fortune is virtually unlimited.  Fail to master it and your investing career may never get off the ground.    
Or worse, you could lose everything by investing in deals that you never should have.  There’s a saying in this business: “Sometimes, you make more profit on the deals you DON’T do”.  Understand how to find deals that make sense and you’ll be better able to recognize those deals you should not be wasting your time, money and effort pursuing and you’ll recognize them faster.    
That will also reduce your “opportunity cost”-the time you’re wasting on bad deals that prevent you from spending your limited resources (time, money, effort) on the good deals.
The problem is, where do you go to get the real nitty-gritty from a credible source?  What if you could tap into the knowledge of somebody who is actually successfully finding deals using the strategies he’s talking about?  That’s what this series does for you.  It gives you that focused access to investors with proven success who are generously willing to open their investor “playbook” to you.
This is not like other teleseminars.  There are no back-end sales.  This is not some general overview of an investor’s succcess story.  In these teleseminars, attorney Jeff Lerman focuses specifically on the proven deal-finding strategies these super-successful investors have used to get that elusive needle in the haystack.  We drill down, hone in and extract what has actually worked and is working in today’s unique economy.  We’ll break it down for you step-by-step, what they say, to whom do they say it, what software do they use, what shortcuts work, which ones don’t, what’s their back-of-the-napkin analysis that lets them know within minutes if a deal deserves a longer look or is a pass, and much, much more.


 Our Third Interview: David Campbell, founder of Hassle-Free Cashflow Investing

Our third interview with David Campbell  is a “must-listen” for every investor, regardless of your experience level. Jeff Lerman is pleased and privileged to welcome David Campbell.  Jeff first met David many years ago when he became a client of his law practice.  
David’s story will inspire and motivate you.  No matter how little experience you have right now, David started with less.  He started as a complete novice.  No matter how much experience you have right now, David will inspire you to do more with your resources.  
david campbell profile picDavid started investing in real estate part-time while he was working as a full time high school band director with zero net worth.  Within six years and before the age of 30, David had become a financially independent millionaire through the vehicle of part-time real estate investing.  David left public school teaching in 2005 to focus on real estate development and commercial real estate investment brokerage. His company’s investing and advisory experience has included single-family houses, apartments, retail, office, medical, condo-conversion, net-leased properties, syndications, land development, production home building, private lending, winery, and single-tenant retail.


Listen to this interview and you’ll learn:


  • How David made the challenging transition from employee to full-time investor, while juggling the financial obligations of supporting his family
  • How David has used Other People’s Money to build his fortune
  • Which geographic markets make the most sense today
  • What 5-minute back-of-the-napkin analysis David uses to filter through the “haystack” of deals to find the “needle” faster
  • What David looks at in his more detailed financial analysis
  • How David structures his deals to maximize returns
  • What has been David’s best source for deals
  • What mistakes David has made in this business and how you can avoid them…just getting this one lesson from this information-packed interview could save you tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars
  • And so much more.

If you learn just one new distinction you can make in your real estate investing, it can literally be worth millions to you.  Don’t miss this content-rich, no back-end sales, educational, results-oriented event.  As always, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed so you have zero risk in registering for this limited-access event.
Finding The Needle: David Campbell-From Music to Millions

DATE:  January 23, 2014
TIME:   Noon-1:00 p.m.
LOCATION:  Your computer!
COST: $47

This webinar will be recorded for later listening. Just register now and you will receive the recording access information after the event. Please take advantage of this special timely educational event and register today!

P.S.  Don’t forget–your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

P.P.S.  How David started his investing career is just as important as what’s working for him now.  Don’t miss his amazing story!


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