Are you looking for a simpler and more passive investing experience?  If you’ve considered being a passive real estate investor, this introductory video will give you some excellent ideas on where to get started as an investor in group investments (aka real estate syndications).

Not everyone is qualified to participate in a passive investing opportunity. You need some training to be able to make a good investment decision; you need a relationship with a strong sponsor / management team;  and you need a minimum amount of discretionary income and discretionary capital to invest.

However, if you have cash, cashflow, equity, or self-directed IRA funds to invest, passive investing in real estate can produce exceptional returns with a minimum of time and a minimum of hassle.

* Want to take advantage of today’s low interest rates, but can’t qualify for a loan?
* Want to earn while you learn about group investments, commercial property, and larger opportunities?
* Want to own profitable commercial property, but don’t have the skills or capital to do it on your own?
* Want to convert your future paychecks into a down payment today without having to sign on a loan?
* Want “forced equity” as part of your investing strategy, but are too busy or inexperienced to make it happen on your own?
* Want to own highly profitable and cash flowing real estate with a minimum of hassle?
*  Want the superior investment returns that  come from “needle-in-the-haystack properties”?

passive investing with hassle-free cashflow investmentsPassive investing in a real estate syndication is like owning stock in a small privately held company.  Imagine opening your mutual fund portfolio, and deciding to call up the fund manager.  Pretty unlikely that you can find his name, let alone his number.  Even if you could find his number, would he even take your call?!?!?  Most people are invested in stocks managed by nameless, faceless people on Wall Street.   Participating in a real estate group investment sponsored by a small, hands on company usually means you have a personal relationship with the people managing your money.  Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?   I can empathize with the protesters in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, because they feel totally disconnected and disenfranchised from their money and the people who have control over it.  One of my clients is a very conservative, Christian woman who was mortified to discover that her “financial advisor” (aka mutual fund salesperson) had been investing her retirement funds in companies that produced pornographic films.  The financial planner’s response was “I don’t know why you’re so upset, because your stock is up 20%”.  This client promptly moved her money into providing clean, safe, affordable rental housing and has been sleeping better ever since.


One of the best ways to regain power in your life is to understand where your money is invested, what it is invested in, why it’s invested there, who is accountable for watching over it, and when is your money coming back (hopefully with friends). 

Typically, the simpler the investment – the more likely it is to be successful.  Let me try out a simple one with you.  “People live or work in my property and pay me rent.”  Anyone with an IQ higher than a brick can understand that business plan.  However, as simple as it sounds, we all know that it takes an experienced and specialized team to help you execute the nuts and bolts of any business plan.   Owning real estate is a business. It has moving parts.  You have to manage people, income, expenses, and property.  Real estate can get messy and not everyone is cut out for it. 

However, if you want the advantages of owning real estate (and there are a lot of them) without getting your hands dirty, you should definitely consider passive investing in a group investment.   It is possible to own investment quality income producing, dividend paying, cash flow positive, institutional quality real estate without ever leaving the comfort of your armchair. 

Passive investing in real estate group investments can be an amazing vehicle to consider for:

1)  IRA funds

2) busy people

3) high income earners

4) foreign investors

5) those who can’t qualify for a loan

6) novice investors

7) hands off investors

8) people who want to earn while they learn

9) investors who want geographic diversity

10) investors who want property type diversity

11) investors who want to force equity but don’t have the time, skill, or relationships to do it themselves

12) investors looking to own a small piece of a “bigger” or “more interesting” deal


If you are intrigued by the idea of using your cash, cash flow, or equity to leverage:

* Other People’s Time

* Other People’s Skills

* Other People’s Relationship

* Other People’s Credit

* Other People’s Money

You need to watch this twenty-eight minute educational video.  There is nothing for sale on this video, but if you would like to talk about actually investing in a group investment, please call me, David Campbell, at (866) 931-9149 Ext. 1  or send me an email ( to schedule a time to talk.  In a 30-60 minute investor strategy consultation, we can help you determine if real estate group investments are an appropriate addition to your passive investing portfolio.

Is passive investing right for you?


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