Remember the slogan, “you reap what your sow?” To get the results that you desire, like finding great deals or new investors, you need to stay focused on doing the things – the actions – that lead to your desired results, just like the Law of Cause and Effect.

The Law of Cause and Effect dominate our lives. Everything you want or desire is the EFFECT, and most people fall in love with the EFFECT.

All EFFECT’s are the result of some CAUSE – some action. The question for you is this: Will the CAUSE you are implementing produce the EFFECTS you desire?  Are you taking consistent and focused actions – the CAUSE – to get the EFFECT you want?

If you believe it will, then do not give up on it. It might take time, but if the CAUSE is the right one, then stay with it until or unless you have proof that there
is a better way.

It is so easy to fall in love with the desired EFFECT… i.e. getting rich, having a great relationship or a having a great body. That is easy.

What we should be doing, however, is falling in love with the CAUSE – the actions -all the things we should be doing to achieve the EFFECT. Visualization without action is delusion.

Don’t start worrying about whether or not you will achieve your long term dreams. Maybe you will and maybe you won’t. The much bigger thing to think about is this: Who will you become in the process of going for it. And, if you are doing the right things; doing the right actions on a consistent (daily) basis, the EFFECT will take care of itself. It is all a matter of belief.

We tend to only water the gardens we know that will grow – the gardens where we have planted seeds. We keep watering week after week, pulling weeds and fertilizing, because we believe that what we have planted will grow. If you have planted something, and you are taking consistent, daily action, then you are in the process of having what you want – the EFFECT.

So, make sure you are taking consistent and focused actions so that you get the results you are seeking. Everyone who is at the front of the line started out at the back of the line and the key to success is to get in line and stay in line.

I hope this tip serves you. I look forward to helping you reach for the stars!


Craig Haskell

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