David Campbell’s 26 Tips For Efficiency and Success in Business
Although I’m a professional real estate investor / developer, I wrote these efficiency tips in a very broad sense so you’ll get some juicy tidbits from this article regardless of what your business is.  If you are a busy person looking to become more efficient this article is for you. I’d love your feedback on these tips so if you have an efficiency tip of your own please leave it in the comments below or send me an email David@HassleFreeCashflowInvesting.com
Professional Real Estate Investor David Campbell’s
26 Tips For Efficiency and Success in Business

1) Use Workflowy.com (free app) to create action items and “how to” lists.  Share lists with your colleagues who can update data in real time from their smart phones.

2) Use TimeTrade.com (inexpensive app) to coordinate meeting times with other people.   
3) Google Calendar (free app) synced with your smart phone to schedule your day before it happens.
4) Google Docs (free app) for file storage and file sharing with your team and customers.

5) Pre-screen email on SmartPhone during downtime on the train or waiting in lines and then respond when sitting at a desktop.

6) Delegate tasks that take your emotional tokens, especially those that are repeatable. But don’t delegate tasks that only you can do or that would require more time to delegate than if you had done them yourself.  

7) Organize your email box using folders with retrieval categories.

8) Schedule the ending time for appointments.

9) Calendar time to complete your to do list.
10) If you have something to say, don’t tell one person at a time; share your message with a group of people.
11) Schedule time to socialize and rest.
12) Make your rest time restful.
13) Be accessible but out of reach by creating small barriers to protect your time.
14) Return phone calls using a hands free headset while walking for health or commuting
15) Articulate what success and accountability looks like to you.
16) Let your professional team earn their fee – don’t try to do everything yourself even if you can.
17) Create and follow systems for accounting and document retrieval using file name taxonomy.
18) Don’t let the urgent get in the way of the important.
19) Start your day with your list of most important things to do (this is not usually responding to all email).
20) Close your door to distractions.
21) Open your mail over the recycle bin or, even better, hire someone else open and sort it for you.
22) When your brain is fuzzy: STOP working, drink water, eat a snack, and get your heart rate up before going back to work
23) Keep other people’s dirty feet out of your head.
24) Maintain positive peer groups and avoid negative peer groups.
25) Work for passive income streams rather than paychecks.
26) Stay with a task until it is done. Minimize mental multi-tasking which results in fewer transitions between projects.
Hopefully at least one of those tips will bring more efficiency to your business.  If you have a great tip for efficiency in business, please send me an email or share it on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cashflowinvesting

If you are looking to efficiently grow your passive income through Hassle-Free Cashflow real estate investments and income producing notes, please schedule a phone call with professional investor David Campbell by using this link to his calendar. https://my.timedriver.com/WBYTQ
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