Living Your Life by Design

By professional real estate investor David Campbell

Today we’re going to talk about a system for getting everything that you always wanted in life. I call it making your Star Board. So grab a piece of paper and you can do this very simple exercise with me.

Start by drawing a star in the center. This is you; you’re the star of your own life and you get to write your own script in life. So we’ll script out the things that you want in life or in a given year. We’re going to make points of light shooting out from this particular star. We’ve got five sections of our paper, and I’m going to give you the secret five F-words for life. It’s not that F-word you’re thinking about; it’s one that’s a lot more powerful.

So we’re going to write up here the five F-words. Fun is really important. Your fitness is very important. Down here, your finances are very important. Over here, you’ve got your faith, or we can call this your philanthropy. And over here you’ve got your family. And the important part of the five F’s is balance in your life. Each of these parts of your life has certain objectives and outcomes written in them that you’re looking for. As you start to dream and write about the different things that you want for your life, you’re going to see whether your life that you’re creating by design is in balance, or whether everything is heavy toward one area.

So for example, at the beginning of every year, I start out and I think of all the fun things that I might want to do this year. I’m going to take a vacation with my family to DisneyWorld, I’m going to take my son on a train ride. And so I start writing those over here, the things that I want to do.

And over here for fitness goals, I’m going to write things like I’m going to go on a walk every day.

Over here in finances, I can make a very specific business goal. I’m going to purchase this many houses in a year, and originate so many loans, and add this many commercial properties to my portfolio.

Down here is my faith and my philanthropy. I’m going to attend this specific charity event, or make a contribution to a specific charity, or do some kind of meditation every day to build my spiritual life, my faith and my philanthropy.

Over here in family, I set very specific and measurable objectives. I want to make sure that I do bedtime with my son every day. That’s an important thing.

So once you start building up your five-pointed star and build your star life, then you’ve got a to-do list for your whole year or your whole month or whatever period of life that you’re designing. And if you do your to-do list, you’ll have a well-balanced life, and you’ll have everything that you wanted in life by design.


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