Investment Philosophy Can Make You Richer

I got to know my next door neighbor Darren this weekend.   Darren has made and lost millions of dollars in his career as a stock market investor and builder of software companies.  For someone who recently lost several million dollars, Darren’s outlook on life is remarkably optimistic.  Darren and I went out for dinner to talk investment philosophy and our conversation went  something like this:

David:     “WOW! You lost your entire net worth of $3,000,000, and you’re still smiling every day.  What’s your secret?”

Darren:      “It is much easier to rebuild a fortune than to build it for the very first time.  It’s basic muscle memory.  If you remember what being rich feels like the universe will attract wealth to you.”

David:      “What do you mean?”

Darren:  “It’s like this.  If a person is given the choice between two things and one of the choices is concrete and the other is vague, a person will usually make the concrete choice even if it is the logically inferior choice.”  
As our waitress brought us our meal I asked her, “Would you rather have french fries or anything?”   Our waitress repeated my question aloud, then paused to think.  Amazingly she said, “I would rather have french fries.”  

Fries are tangible; anything is vague.  Logically, if you could choose between french fries and a diamond ring, you wouldn’t pick french fries.  However, the possibility of anything was so intangible it did not register as a choice.   If you’ve never been rich, wealth is an abstract concept.  If you’ve been rich once, wealth is a concrete concept you can hold onto and choose.  It becomes like a beacon drawing you towards it.   You’re heard the expression, “you never forget how to ride a bicycle”.  Well that expression has actually been scientifically proven.

investment philosophySo how do you become rich if you’ve never been rich in the first place?  As a first generation multi-millionaire I’m happy to share some of the most parts of my investment philosophy:

investment philosophy #1 – Think wealthy. Rich thoughts are the precursor to a rich bank account.

investment philosophy #2 – If you want to become wealthy, surround yourself with people that think wealthy.  It is important to emphasize the word THINK, because there are people who THINK poor and people who THINK rich – how they think is more important than what their bank account says.  

investment philosophy #3 – There is no such thing as being a “self-made millionaire”.  Everyone has a team that is either pushing them forward or pulling them away from success.  If you are poor or middle class, I am 90% confident your current team is also poor or middle class and they are pulling you back.   Unsuccessful teams don’t want their teammates to become successful, because as soon as you’re successful you’ll quit their team and join a successful one.   

investment philosophy #4 – Listen to success oriented audio programs in your car.  Protect yourself from the consumption of news media and TV programs whose content is negative.  Some of my favorite authors and speakers are Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Dennis Waitley, Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Helms, Jeffrey Gitomer, Vic Johnson, Les Brown,  Tom Hopkins, Stephen Covey and David Campbell (if I don’t like my own stuff, who will).

investment philosophy #5 –  Give people concrete choices that create win-win opportunities for both parties.  Have you ever asked your partner “Where do you want to go for dinner?” and they respond “I dunno, where do you want to go?”   If you’re looking for an action oriented outcome, focusing your question to two concrete choices “Would you like to go out for Steak or Sushi?” will give you an answer that gives you direction.  Try asking your children  “Would you like one scoop or vegetables or two?”   “Would you like to go to bed now or in five minutes?” You’ll get the behavioral response from your kids you are looking for with less hassle.

With this investment philosophy in mind,  I have a closing question for you.   Would you like to increase your passive income now or ten years from now?

Open your mind to the field of possibilities and wealth will find you.  I have a success oriented team that will help you develop your investment philosophy and achieve powerful wealth results limited only by your own thinking.  If you have a willingness to increase your wealth I can help.   

Please give me a call.

David Campbell
Real Estate Broker / Developer / Professional Investor
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  1. EJ Gordon says:

    Those success oriented radio shows are rubbing off. This is really inspirational stuff, and also matches the “french fries or anything” argument in that it is very logical, but doesn’t center on one concrete idea. Great reading thanks!

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