Dallas, Texas: Occupancy Rates

DALLAS, TX – ” The Occupancy Rate in Dallas is also posting a 4.4% annual growth rate.  Effective Rental Rates are up 1.6%.  Like everywhere else in Texas, the Fourth Quarter of this year is shaping up to be less than stellar.  Don’t panic!  The Dallas Metroplex will rebound with a vengeance once demand returns in early Spring. The three numbers that best forecast this market are: 3580, 17584 and 3250. Only 3580 new units have been delivered in the last 12-months; 17,584 more units are occupied today than 12 months ago; only 3250 units are currently under construction. It won’t be long before Dallas will again be putting up some very impressive numbers in both Occupancy and Rental Rate growth.” (Excerpted From ALN Apartment Data)

Part of our series of articles on investing in Dallas