Mortgage Note Investing and Tax Strategies


Join us for a webinar on May 06, 2015 at 12:00 PM PDT.

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In this FREE 60 minute webinar presented by uDirect IRA, Keystone CPA, August REI, and Hassle-Free Cashflow Investing, you’ll learn:

* How to make money as the bank by acquiring an income producing mortgage note secured by quality real estate

* Why now is the best time in the market cycle to acquire a mortgage note

* How to buy a mortgage note to create a portfolio of tax-free and tax-deferred passive income for life

* How to acquire rental properties for pennies on the dollar using the hassle-free “loan to own” investment strategy

* Which states are investor friendly for owning a mortgage note and which states to avoid

* The 7 most important questions to ask when analyzing the purchase of a mortgage note

* Why the most savvy investors are buying real estate outside of their IRA and buying mortgage notes inside their IRA but usually not the other way around

* 3 tax strategies for maximizing your after tax profits as a mortgage note investor

* tips for working with a note servicing company to make mortgage note investing hassle-free

Meet the faculty for this event:

Kaaren Hall, president of uDirect IRA Services, has helped thousands of Americans invest their IRA outside of the stock market to improve their financial future.

David Campbell, founder of Hassle-Free Cashflow Investing, helps investors like you acquire turnkey rental properties and income producing mortgage notes with less hassle. As a principal or key advisor to hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate transactions, David has a unique ability to simplify complex financial ideas into easy to follow action steps.

Amanda Han, CPA, Director of Business Development for Keystone CPA, brings over 18 years of experience in taxation and accounting with special emphasis in real estate and individual tax planning. Amanda is a leading expert on self-directed IRA investing.

Amy Sayer is President of August REI, a Residential Loan Servicing Company. Amy is a recognized expert in debt collection and mortgage loan servicing.

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