How To Achieve Financial Freedom – Podcast Episode

How To Achieve Financial Freedom

How to achieve financial freedomListen to Get Rich Education Podcast episode 79 with host Keith Wienhold and special guest David Campbell founder of as they talk about How To Achieve Financial Freedom.


Financial freedom through real estate and mortgage investing recently enabled me to move from urban California to follow my dreams of living on an Oregon farm.


I feel fortunate to have recorded my third podcast episode as a featured guest on the Get Rich Education Podcast hosted by Keith Weinhold.  Check out this awesome podcast recording where Keith and I discuss How To Achieve Financial Freedom in ways you might not have considered before.


02:50 Financial freedom via real estate enabled David to move from urban California to an Oregon farm. 
06:35 Once you know your “compelling why” it will embolden you. You act. 
09:39 Quit trading your time for money. 
12:53 Your Personal Investment Cycle versus the Market Cycle. 
14:53 The essential investor resources of cash, cash flow, equity, credit. 
17:17 Investing for profits vs. investing for wages. 
22:30 What to do when your personal investment desires don’t match with market cycles? Buy high? Sell low? No. 
25:02 Keith and David don’t invest much in the stock market; but here’s why they watch it. 
28:25 Low interest rates continue to be a great opportunity. Here’s why. 
36:10 Cap rate minus interest rate equals your profit. 
41:06 A cash dollar is different than an equity dollar.

To your success!

David Campbell

Real Estate Investing Strategist
Founder of Hassle-Free Cashflow Investing
“There are few investments as secure, as lucrative, and as Hassle-Free as owning a well-secured, income producing real estate note.” 
– professional investor David Campbell 
how to achieve financial freedom

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