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In this free series of real estate investor training videos, professional real estate investor David Campbell and his team of advisers share ideas on how to become a more profitable cashflow investor.

Secrets to Hassle Free Cashflow InvestingSERIES – Secrets to Hassle-Free Cashflow Investing: If you are a busy working professional who would like to create financial independence through investing in real estate, this video series is a great place to start. In this video training series you’ll learn the secrets of Hassle-Free Cashflow Real Estate Investing that helped a high school band director become a multi-millionaire while investing in real estate part time. This is part one of a multi-part video series designed to help you think like an investor and learn the math, and vocabulary you will need to succeed in real estate investing.

Creating Real Estate Profits CreativelySERIES – Creating Real Estate Profits Creatively: In this FREE video training series for real estate investors, you’ll learn: 1) How to creatively and profitably exit a property with negative equity (how to sell a property you owe more on than it’s worth) 2) How to creatively attract investor capital 3) How to identify and monetize your 8 essential resources of Cash, Cashflow, Equity, Credit, Time, Talent, Relationships, and Control over Deals for creating real estate profits 4) Using the equity marketing “Lemonade Formula” to turn a sour property into delicious lemonade 5) Creative ways to strip equity out of your investment property for creating real estate profits 6) Using synergistic motivations to attract investment capital

Creating Real Estate Profits CreativelyLiving Life By Design: This is a simple exercise to help you create and live your life by design.

how to build your FICO videoHow to Build Your FICO and Use It for Real Estate Profits: Professional real estate investor David Campbell and credit expert Wayne Sanford will help you learn:  What is a FICO (credit) score, how is it created, and why it’s important. Strategies for improving, maintaining, and building your FICO score (credit). How to build your FICO to generate real estate investing profits.

Cash Management Strategies for Real Estate Investors: As an investor, I want my money deployed working hard to generate passive income. If cashflow is King then liquidity would be Queen.  Professional real estate investor David Campbell and Life Insurance Strategist Patrick Donohoe will help you learn to safely generate above market interest rates on your cash reserves, how to implement simple tax strategies to save thousands on your income taxes, how to protect your cash reserves from creditors, and more.

Partnering for Profit: As a real estate investor, YOU don’t need all of these resources to create income. You just need the skill to assemble and manage a team who can bring all of the necessary resources together. Professional real estate investor David Campbell and Attorney Jeff Lerman will help  you learn to develop relationships through strategic partnering, invest without worrying about getting financing, position yourself for incredible returns, and more.

Secrets of Self-Storage Investing: If you’ve ever considered investing in a self-storage property, you’ll know that the cashflow and profits can be quite impressive. Professional Real Estate Investor David Campbell and Self-Storage Expert Jon England will help you learn the basics of self-storage investing and whether this asset class may be right for you.

Chasing Infinite Returns Using Real Estate Investor Financing: If you are a real estate investor, you are trying to control more assets and reduce your liabilities.  A savvy real estate investor knows that good debt can work for you; it can be an asset rather than a liability.  Professional real estate investor David Campbell and financing strategist Graham Parham teach how to use creative and conventional financing to increase your cashflow and investor profits.

Introduction to Investing in NNN Leased Commercial Property: If you are a busy professional, investing in NNN property could be an excellent way to make high investment returns without the hassle.  Professional real estate investor David Campbell will help you understand the basics of triple net lease investing and whether owning this asset class could be right for you.

Cashflow Investing for Prosperity and Happiness: Like anything else, cashflow investing is a sport we learn by doing. If you want to become a professional investor, you’ll need to practice a lot and sometimes that means falling down. It’s called seat knowledge and there is no way to avoid it. However, to mitigate it you can learn from two professional investors David Campbell and Ken Gain who have made and lost and remade their fortune again and are not afraid to talk about it.

Watch Passive Investing Intro VideoAre Passive Investments in Real Estate Right for You?: Are you looking for a simpler and more passive investing experience?  If you’ve considered being a passive real estate investor, this introductory video with professional investor David Campbell will give you excellent ideas on where to get started as an investor in group investments (aka real estate syndication).

Watch Cashflow Investing Strategies for Recessionary and Inflationary TimesCashflow Investing Strategies for Recessionary and Inflationary Times: Here are professional investor David Campbell’s predictions for the US economy, and cashflow strategies to profit from an elongated recession and impending inflation. You will learn about: 1) currency devaluation, why it’s happening, and what to do 2) why the global recession will get worse and which investments you MUST avoid! 3) how to leverage these “interesting times” to your profitable advantage.

Falling in Love with Real Estate Bookkeeping: Accounting and real estate bookkeeping are not fun or sexy, but if you plan to earn or spend money (that’s almost everyone!), it is in your best interest to do your bookkeeping well.  Professional investor David Campbell and master bookkeeper Renee Daggett E.A. will share strategies and best practices that can make the task less painful. 

SERIES – Real Estate Math: The following real estate investor training videos with professional investor David Campbell is a great tutorial to strengthen your basic skills at real estate financial analysis.  This bite sized video series will help you unravel the mystery behind real estate math and more importantly you’ll learn how to use the math to make smarter investment decisions.

SERIES – Investing with an IRA: Professional real estate investor David Campbell, uDirect IRA president Kaaren Hall, CPA Amanda Han, and others share ideas on how to become a more profitable cashflow investor in this training video series on investing with a self-directed IRA.

Learn about Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex:  The  Dallas / Fort Worth / DFW Metroplex is the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the nation. It’s already the fourth-largest, surrounded by 100 suburbs, and it’s been adding 300+ residents per day for the last 30 years!!  If you’re interested in DFW Dallas – Fort Worth cashflow investing you’ll want to watch this great video.

Texas Cashflow Real Estate Investing: Austin (14th largest US city) is within 200 miles of four of the largest cities in the United States.  This is the Texaplex. Why do people keep coming?  Jobs!  732,000 new jobs have been added since 2000.  If you are interested in owning cashflow real estate in Texas, you can’t miss this video about the powerhouse Texas economy.

Keys to Successful Property ManagementKeys to Successful Property Management: In this FREE sixty minute investor training video on property management you will learn: How to set yourself up for success by establishing and communicating metrics of success to your property manager; why your property manager should be the most important person on your investing team; what is and is not reasonable to expect from a great property manager; three warning signs your property manager is stealing from you; how to interview for a great property manager when you are new to a market; the dos and dont’s of firing your existing property management team; four property management secrets to improve your profitability and cashflow!

Strategies for Protecting Your Income and Wealth from Rising InflationStrategies for Protecting Your Income and Wealth from Rising Inflation: In this webinar, you’ll learn strategies for protecting your income and wealth from a devaluation of our currency. The Federal Reserve has been explicit in its public commentary on this issue: aggressive inflation is preferable to continued bank failure. ‘Helicopter Ben Bernanke’ got his nickname by promising to jumpstart inflation by every means possible, even it if meant literally dropping cash from helicopters. Inflation hasn’t hit the real estate sector yet, but it’s coming. The banking industry will stay in a nose dive and the Fed will keep printing money until real estate prices go up.

Back to BasicsBack to Basics Bookkeeping For Real Estate Investors and Business Owners: In this free sixty minute video with professional real estate investor David Campbell and Quickbooks Consultant Renee Dagget, E.A. you’ll learn basic bookkeeping strategies as they relate to real estate investors and business owners. You’ll have the opportunity to learn the answers to these important Bookkeeping For Real Estate Investor questions: 1) How do I create a balance sheet, profit / loss statement, net worth statement and cashflow statement? 2) How do I use these bookkeeping tools to make smarter business and investment decisions? 3) What are the most important vocabulary terms I need to master before having a meaningful conversation about my finances?

Tackling SuccessTackling Success: From the NFL to Professional Investor With Professional Athlete Terrence Robinson: Professional investor David Campbell and former NFL player Terrence Robinson (linebacker for OSU, Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers & Seattle Seahawks) talk about their passion for personal development and Terrence’s transition from professional sports to real estate investing.

Year End Tax StrategiesYear End Tax Strategies for Business Owners and Real Estate Investors: In this 60 minute FREE video with professional investor David Campbell, tax strategist Amanda Han, CPA, and self-directed IRA expert Kaaren Hall, you’ll learn: Top 5 Year-End Tax Strategies to save you taxes for 2012 and beyond, Strategies to pay yourself rather than the IRS, How you can make all your own choices about your retirement investing and not rely on the stock market, How IRA investing is different than investing with personal cash, How to buy profitable real estate inside your IRA even when you are starting with a small balance, Strategies for investing in real estate OUTSIDE your IRA when all of your cash is locked up INSIDE your IRA

Real Estate Investing FAQ'sSERIES – Real Estate Investing FAQ’s: This series of several short videos on Real Estate Investing FAQ’s goes over many topics including how you start investing in real estate, how you place rental income in a retirement account, how much you pay your property manager, how you buy investment property if you don’t have a down payment and more!

August 2012 - Investment Property ShowcaseAugust 2012 – Investment Property Showcase: A highly educational video showing you how to evaluate properties and markets using real world examples.

Creating Your Life By DesignCreating Your Life By Design: This is a simple exercise to help you create and live your life by design.


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