Real Estate Investor Field Trip

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Dallas, Texas

Dallas Investor Field Trip 2011


$999 single occupancy
Included: 2 nights at a 3 star hotel, all meals, ground transportation, workbook



If you have not been on the Dallas investor field trip, you are missing out on some of the best investments I have seen. The great thing about this group is they are not there just to sell you something. You can go and learn about an area and then invest on your own. However, they don’t want to just give you information without providing amazing ways to act on what you have learned. Thanks David for a great time, I learned more about mind set and investing than I thought possible in 3 days. I look forward to investing with you!”  – Chris, Nurse Practitioner, Indiana

“I was very pleased at how personable and easy to talk to everyone was – no matter how many digits are in their income. I learned out of the box thinking on investing in real estate rather than the traditional save for a down payment, hope you qualify, repeat the process, and so on.  Also, at no time did I feel any pressure to buy anything or even participate in activities or discussions.  I felt comfortable at all times which is something that is important to me.”  -Nick, General Contractor, California

“The investor field trip was a blast. The most important concept I learned was the difference between equity growth and cashflow and how to distinguish between them.  The concept of high leverage with positive cashflow is very useful knowledge as well. It was great spending time with you guys and I truly didn’t want to go home.  Watching through David’s eyes on how to judge the marketplace was really worth it right there.   -D.B., Accountant, California

“Just wanted you guys to know the investor field trip was top notch, great information that well exceeded my expectations. Now I just need to use it to take actions that will give me better relationships, and a better future.” – Jerry, Beijing China

These are just some of the many things that savvy real estate investors like about Dallas, Texas.

*Positive Cashflow  *Stable Prices  * Job Growth *Population Growth
*Strong Rental Demand  *Friendly Business Environment *Rising Occupancy Rates
*Big Labor Pool  *Great Infrastructure *Centrally Located * Diverse Economy

Real Estate Investors!

  • Watch how seasoned pros tour a market to discover pockets of opportunity.
  • Discover why successful investors are interested in Dallas right now.
  • Gain valuable insights from experienced developers about creative options  they’re using to get deals done – with little or no money down!
  • We’ll study how to make money with single family homes, apartments, commercial property, and developing land.

You’ll get to pick the brains of professional real estate investor / developer David Campbell, insurance and credit experts, local real estate brokers, financing specialists, and property management experts.

Real Estate Professionals!

  • Find out how to sell one of the hottest investment markets in the U.S. – no matter where you live
  • Build strategic relationships with developers, property managers and other professionals in the Dallas market
  • Learn financial strategies to help your clients make money with real estate and want to buy more – through you!

You will discover how to:

  • Turn $50,000 into a $500,000 real estate portfolio in less than 12 months
  • Find and close positive cash flow properties with little or no money down
  • Use proven deal structures that can turn an ordinary rental property into a super-charged investment producing high annualized returns
  • Analyze markets and properties like the pros

Our investor field trip are:

  • NOT high pressure buy now sales events
  • NOT an excuse to sell you the super-expensive secret formula boot camp
  • NOT merely theoretical. We are out in the marketplace meeting with professionals and analyzing real properties the entire weekend.

Our investor field trips ARE about meeting with real professionals into the real world where the real investing takes place. You’ll be in a small group where you’ll see a lot and get to ask lots of questions.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll take what you learn and make money.   That would be a dishonest sales pitch.  But, if you don’t attend this educational event, you won’t learn our proven investment strategies or be in a position to make far more money than the trip costs.

We like real estate. We like cashflow and equity.  We like Dallas.  We think you’ll like it too.  Come find out!

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